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7 Ways To Choose The Right Domain Name For Your Business

Table of Contents

What Is A Domain Name?

In this article, we will discuss how to find a good domain name, our domain name suggestions and which domain extensions would be the best fit for you. But first, let’s develop our understanding of what a domain name is.

A domain name is a unique address on the internet that is recognized by an international address system called the DNS. The system will view the domain name as a set of numbers. However, using names instead of numbers was determined because no one would remember a lengthy number as an address location.

A unique domain name is fundamental when starting out a business, blog or any website. It is the gateway to the network representing your business and boosting your credibility. This is especially true for small businesses who have yet to build their reputation and online presence.

A Short Domain Name That People Can Remember

Short and memorable domain names are essential.

Take for example the British Broadcasting Corporation. Their domain name is shortened down to

Our Other Domain Name Suggestions

  • (stands for Purism)
  • (stands for library)

Abbreviating your business name is a good way to achieve a short domain, but unfortunately many of these short domain names can be taken. However, this can lead you to get creative and think of something unique, short and memorable.

So we have established that short domains are a good idea. But why?

In this digital age, where there are millions of websites flooding the internet every day, it can be easy to get lost within the online space. The average American is exposed to around 4,000 to 10,000 ads each day, which means your domain name needs to stand out and be easy to remember!

Another primary reason to avoid a lengthy domain name is because the longer it is, the more likely people will make mistakes when typing it in the search bar.

Avoid Adding Symbols In Your Domain Name

Domains containing symbols may be appealing to you, but there are a few disadvantages to them.

The first issue being that people typing your domain name may forget where exactly the symbols belong. Or even worse, they may forget your domain has any symbols at all! This will lead to potential customers being unable to find your website. 

The second downside is that your business may appear less professional. Think about all the biggest businesses… Only a small amount of them have symbols such as dashes in their name.

Plus, it just makes it much harder for people to share and talk about your businesses domain name. Picture telling someone “If you need a new website go to your… dash… web… dash… creative dot com (”

Relevant Domain To The Business

Relevant means choosing a word that is related to your industry. For example, if you run an electrician business, it would make more sense to include the words: electrician, electrical or electric in your domain name. By including these words, you will make it immediately clear to browsing visitors that your website is related to providing electrician services – this will help a lot with visitor retention. To have a better idea of what words are commonly used in your industry, try searching your competitors to see what they are using.

Good Domain Name Examples For Staying Relevant

  • (General Gear Products)
  • (Hosting Services)
  • (Mail Services)
  • (Web Design Services)

However, this does not apply to all websites. Take a look at some of the biggest technology companies like Apple and Samsung. Their names have nothing to do with the products they sell, but this has not affected their success. This just goes to show that you can have a unique name that represents something other than the service/product you are providing.

Taking this all into consideration, a good method to come up with a domain name for your business is brainstorming. First, start by writing down as many words that are either related to your industry or words that have some meaning to your business and what you believe in. Then pick out the words that stand out to you the most and input them into a domain checker tool such as Namechk.

What you will realize is that the majority of single word domains are taken. So if you weren’t able to come up with a single word domain that is available, the next step would be to start combining the words you have brainstormed until you find something that you like.

Domain Extensions

The domain checking tool will display the availability of your domain name in a number of different extensions (‘.com’ ‘’ ‘.net’ ‘.ch’).

There are different factors to consider when choosing an extension of your domain.


The first being location. For example, if your business is serving customers in the UK, it would be ideal to use the ‘’ extension. You can still use ‘.com’ but it would be pointless if people around the world access your website when your service/product is only limited to the UK. If your business is serving clients worldwide, then the best domain extension would be ‘.com’. Here you can check out a list of domain names extensions and their corresponding countries. 


The second factor is purpose. This can also determine which domain extension is most suitable for your website.


The most popular domain extension is ‘.com’ with approximately 133.9 million registrations in the first quarter of 2018. While ‘.com’ can be used for all types of websites regardless of where your business has been registered, it works well for businesses that wish to promote their products/services online worldwide. It also proves to your potential customers or target audience that you have made an investment to show the authenticity of your brand.


The next most popular domain extension is ‘.org’. This domain extension would be highly suitable if your website is for educational use, a community forum or a non-profit service provided to visitors. The extension was originally intended for non-profit organizations, however it is now open to any type of organization/individual. So if you fall within any of these categories, ‘.org’ would be the best option.


‘.net’ stands for internet and is used mostly by internet providers and network service providers. Many tech related websites also use the ‘.net’ domain extension since it is relevant to their industry. So if your website is in the tech industry, this would be the perfect option for you as it is also less common meaning you would have a higher chance of finding a good domain name available.


If your website is primarily used to provide information about a concept, an idea, a place or your business. A ‘.info’ domain extension would be most suitable and may be used as a stand-alone website or can complement an existing commercial site. For instance, the Overstock company utilizes a ‘.com’ website to sell items, but has a ‘.info’ site that provides information about their products.


‘.store’ is a great domain extension for anyone running an e-commerce business. Your target audience will know what type of website you are right away and attract all the relevant visitors.

Ensure The Social Media Accounts Are Available

When deciding on a domain name, do not forget to check if the social media’s are also available. So you are able to open all your social networking accounts under the same name as your website domain.

This is not crucial to your business, however it makes it a lot easier for your customers to find and navigate through your social media accounts if they share the same name as your domain. And vice versa if they find you through your social media platforms and want to approach your site. Essentially, having one name for your website and all your social media accounts brings less confusion to your customers/visitors.

Make certain you do this research beforehand, because when you purchase your domain you cannot go back. Websites like also display which social media platforms are available along with the domain name you are searching for.

Where and How To Purchase Your Domain Name

There are two main ways to purchase a domain.

Purchasing A Domain Separately

The first way is by purchasing the domain name on its own – separate from any hosting company. This process is for people who have not yet setup hosting with a company and would just like to purchase a domain to reserve it for future use.

If you decide to go down this route and purchase your domain separate from any hosting, keep in mind that you will eventually need to either point or transfer the domain name to your hosting company once you find one. It would be ideal to have all of your domains together with your hosting company, so you can easily manage them all in one place.

A few websites that provide domains to purchase separately from hosting are: Godaddy, Fasthosts and Hostgator.

Purchasing Through a Hosting Company

By purchasing your domain name through a hosting company you can avoid the hassle of transferring. Plus, all hosting companies have a transfer fee that can be as much as $20, which may be even more than the price you paid for your domain in the first place! However, something to note down is that most hosting companies provide their customers with a free domain when you purchase one of their hosting packages. So by thinking ahead and purchasing your domain through a hosting company of your choice, you can save a lot of time and money.

If you need help with purchasing your domain name, as well as hosting, our team here at YourWebCreative can help.

Putting Your Domain To Use

If you have read this far, you should now have the knowledge to find and purchase your own domain name. The next step is to create a website for it! Our team at YourWebCreative design and create professional websites for businesses/individuals in all industries around the world. We design custom websites from scratch to represent your business and emphasize your unique features, encouraging browsing visitors to take action. To view a few of our most recent projects, go to our projects page or click here.

We believe that a stunning website and online marketing goes hand in hand to generate customers and achieve your business goals. This is why we also offer ongoing online marketing services, which consist of search engine optimization, social media management and content marketing in the form of blogs, videos, guest posts, etc. If you are interested in growing your website traffic, you can learn more about our services.

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