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Smart Entrepreneur – 5 Ways To Grow Your Business

Table of Contents

Growing your business is not a simple straight line, which we can all agree. However, ensuring you have these factors in check will undeniably give you a head start.

1. Good Customer Service

Many entrepreneurs starting out a business underestimate the importance of customer service. Building trust is key to having loyal return customers, excellent reviews that recommend your company to others.

An existing customer is just as important as a new customer. Attracting new customers is great, but if the trust and customer service is not outstanding, the customer may lose trust in your business and would not want to return. Being patient and going out of your way to respect your customer will make them feel welcomed and understood. Put yourself in the shoes of the customer.

Understanding there is a reason why the customer has come to your company will allow you to focus on the matter at hand and provide a solution, rather than focusing on up selling your product/service. The reason why a company exists is because of the customers. Providing value to them will result in gaining value in return – a key factor in entrepreneurship

Don’t let your customers leave feeling unhappy or unsatisfied. If they are having trouble with your product/service, be sure to help resolve any issues and if uncorrectable, provide a refund.

2. Stunning website design

Having a good product/service is only part of achieving a successful business in today’s world. A website is crucial to put your business in front of the many customers online. Although having a physical shop can be beneficial as the customer can see and try your product, the potential growth of your business is limited to your location. The amount of potential customers you can reach on a high street is minuscule compared to the millions of consumers in the online market. Now, everyone has products and services readily available to them at the tips of their fingers.

Having a stunning website that displays information in a structured way and engages the customer is an important factor to consider as an entrepreneur. Investing in a professional looking website design that has all the necessary features to allow you to connect to your customers in the real world would increase sales massively.

Present your product/service with a web design that is clean and straight to the point explaining what your business is about and what you are offering.

A professionally designed website can determine the success of your business. The feel and style of your website is also important. This includes details like the colour scheme, layout and style elements.

Your website is a direct representation of your brand and has a direct impact on your user’s experience. This can determine how long a user will stay on the page, how many pages they browse and whether they will come back to your website. Well-structured and designed websites will help your conversion rates and increase sales.

If a website is too busy with excessive elements, this can distract users from your call to actions. It’s important to add elements, but not to over do it. Your website needs to present information as clear as possible to your viewers and allow easy navigation.

3. Eye-catching logo

A logo is a symbol of your brand identification and recognition. When a logo is presented to the public, they identify and recognise a brand or a company. Therefore, building your reputation will trigger positive association with your logo such as your company values and what you stand for.

Having a unique impressive logo design is essential as it will be the icon that represents your online and offline presence. Using a combination of colours that is pleasing to the eye will create an identity of your brand that is memorable.

4. Relevant Content

Relevant content is providing the information about your product/service in the most clear and direct way to your customers. Ensure a potential customer is informed and does not have to try to figure out what you are about. Address their concerns and what you can do for them.

The content needs to be specific to your product/service. So, ensure to structure your information specifically to each product/service you are delivering to avoid confusion. When a customer is confused, they will feel hesitant to purchase from your company, as they may feel you cannot provide the solution they are looking for.

5. Online promotion

Email marketing

Email marketing is another key factor to grow your customer base. Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of sending newsletters to the wrong audience – those who are not interested in their product/service. It’s important that customers are willing to sign up to your newsletter and want to receive emails from your company.

The best way to get customers to sign up is place your email subscription forms around your site and let visitors know what type of emails they will receive when they sign up. Adding an incentive such as a coupon may also encourage people to sign up. It will also show they are genuinely interested in your products/services and want to be notified of any updates.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is a form of digital marketing that utilises social media platforms to connect with your audience, build your brand and achieve marketing objectives. To drive website traffic and increase sales, it’s crucial to create and publish relevant content that will reach your target audience. Social media marketing strategies are a set plan of actions to achieve your long-term marketing goals.

To read more about social media marketing strategies for entrepreneurs, visit here.


Now as an entrepreneur, you can do everything right from having a stunning website to good service. But it’s not enough if nobody knows your company exists. By having good SEO in place, you will be able to promote your business, reach more customers and increase brand awareness.

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. This is the process of making your website appear more on search engines when customers are searching for your industry on engines such as Google, bing, etc. Companies spend thousands investing in good SEO to build their online presence and recognition. So in conclusion, by making your website more searchable, your reach will increase and your business will grow.

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